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How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Helmet?
The helmet for the rider - a necessity. It not only protects purse from fines, but also protects the head in a complex traffic situation.
The price range for "pots" impressive, even within range of a single manufacturer. When buying a better focus not on the mark, but at the price tag: as a rule, more marked in the figure it is better helmet. Just remember that this dependence is rather geometric.
For $ 10-50 you can get either extremely "beushnye" brand helmet, or a self-made domestic construction, the use of which is dangerous to your health.
$ 50-150 are "integral", cast plastic, and any open helmets. When an accident at speeds up to 100 km / h, they crack, 100 and more split in the trash. These "helmets" protect from traffic police, weather and flies in his eyes, as a rule, have a simple single-channel ventilation and beating the glass with time-consuming tool change. The lining is thick and uncomfortable, to quickly and permanently crushed by increasing the size of the inner helmet. Weight of "articles" about one and half kg - long ride turns into a serious challenge for the muscles of the neck and back.
Starting from $ 150 helmets laminated from light and strong composite materials. This means that the skull bone is not erased on the asphalt, even if fifty meters to go on his head. Two-layer glass (not to be confused with a double). Two-way ventilation. The lining of hygroscopic materials, washable.
For $ 300 or more are added to those already listed beautiful coloring, scratch-resistant three-layer glass and three-channel ventilation. It also comes a removable lining, rubber "nose" (so that the glass does not breathe), and cover for a helmet in the kit. Case is really useful: offensive elegant skin coloring, such as transportation under the net.
From $ 500 are the latest innovations of technology and design, such as four-ventilation with negative pressure at the hood or superfine breathable lining, which is almost entirely removed. Glass is really changing for the "seven seconds." The capsule is light, but not at the expense of strength (ie, approximately 1.3 kg + / -100 g, if less then it is due to the thickness, and hence impact)

Now about all sorts of artifacts.
There are helmets for 700 cu, weighing 1.6 kg and outrageously bad review (Simpson Bandit). are integrals, weighing 900 g, and at the same time facing 400 cu (Shark Carbon). possible to buy a top for 350 cu Shoy as it once was to me. possible in the Trinity fork out 400 cu in a helmet that says Bombardier, just knowing that this superkrutoy company makes laser helmets, and exactly the same with an inscription in the Lazer bayklende is 200. shorter versions are possible.

Now practical advice.
more to give the helmet accessories (spare bolts to the mechanism of glass, silicone grease, your nose, carrying case, a film on the glass, labels), so it is better (do not take those cases, when these same accessories clamped greedy dealer). because every producer in his own calls the materials of which makes the capsule, to be guided more by the number of channels of ventilation. more of them, the higher the class of the helmet (not to be confused with air channels, which can be greater than the actual vent holes in the capsule). Another indirect sign of quality - the presence of original book with a description of this model helmet.

coloring of "race replica" adds about 50 $ to the cost. monochromatic coloring of approximately $ 50 saves. zip "two rings" more reliable than sophisticated spring locks that have been officially recognized by leading manufacturers. quality glass you can straighten the plane and it returns to its original shape without cracking (true only for even neekspluatirovannyh glasses). Removable washable lining is easier / drying that save you from a wholesome human spirit inside the helmet.

the price of helmets (like all seasonal goods) vary depending on time of year, around 25%. you can always push the dealer for a discount. the price of a top model year debut, can reach up to $ 700 and for the next season to fall to third.

How to try on a helmet.
If you can remove the helmet worn by one hand, it means you is great. Ask to match the size smaller.
If you wear a helmet when his head shaking from side to side strives to keep still and slips over the head - it is great you are. Ask to match the size smaller.
If the helmet on your head nalez not be removed with one hand and shaking his head in sync with, and you could pass it without pain for 10-15 minutes - ask to match a size smaller - until you find the smallest helmet, nalezayuschy on your head.
Between the gasket and capsule in the helmet has a layer of foam. This is a plastic material, consequently crushed. Any helmet breaks in over time, and what it is cheaper, the more distributed in breadth. Keep this in mind when buying.
If you have a complex geography of the head (cone, triangular head, prominent ears), in the field of local discomfort at the helmet can be bought a little promyat foam finger to fit the shape of the helmet under the relief of the viscera of the head.
If you are "awkward" in the helmet or do not like the design - search for another helmet. Many manufacturers, all models are slightly different and internally and externally, so you just find one that you are 100% satisfied. The helmet is a long and unpleasant to be in six months to sell the old helmet because it is inconvenient to you or do not like the color ...
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